What are LUTs and presets anyway?
LUTs stands for Look Up Tables, and a LUT is basically a conversion profile that takes a color value in your original file, looks it up in a table and returns a new color value. Basically, our LUTs (.CUBE files) give you a quick and easy way to color grade your videos like a pro.
Presets on the other hand are specifically for Adobe Lightroom, and are a configuration of settings (lighting, colors, effects, and more) designed to achieve a certain look or style in your photos. You ever wonder how photographers' Instagram feeds look so nice and consistent? Presets, baby. You can apply the same preset to a collection of photos to give them all the same feel.
Dope. So it's just one-click, done?
Not necessarily. Although LUTs and presets will give your content the same overall effect. Different shots that you capture will have different lighting, angles and color tones in the content, and so some fine-tuning to the settings might be required to make your content look absolutely perfect.
Okay, cool... so how I do install them?
Installing LUTs and presets is easy enough when you know what you're doing, and should only take you a couple of minutes. I've included a few tutorials below to help you get up to speed on installing all of our incredible LUTs and presets so you can give your content that cinematic edge straight away!
Using Presets in Lightroom Classic

Using Presets in Lightroom CC

Installing Presets in Lightroom Mobile
To access your presets on the Lightroom mobile app, simply follow the above tutorial to install the desired presets into your Lightroom desktop application. The presets will then sync with your Adobe cloud account and become available to use in the presets section of your Lightroom mobile app almost instantly.

Using LUTs in Premiere Pro

Using LUTs in After Effects

Using LUTs in Final Cut Pro X